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Chimney Repairs and Inspections in Eastside and Seattle, Washington

Complete Restorations for Cleaner, Safer Chimneys:

At A Sound Chimneys and Masonry, we understand that chimney upkeep is not common knowledge for most people. During the last 30 years, we have developed a reputation for honesty and dependability, so you can feel comfortable coming to us for all of your chimney-related issues.
Based in Eastside and Seattle, Washington, we provide experienced chimney repairs and inspections at competitive rates. Nobody in our area offers more dependable chimney restoration than A Sound Chimneys and Masonry.
Crown of a chimney - Repairs in Seattle, Washington

Tuck Pointing and Rebuilding

Every year, about 40 gallons of water goes down an uncapped chimney, and most of it evaporates through the brick and turns the mortar back to sand. Throughout time this will degrade your entire chimney, and eventually it must be replaced.
Let our experts save your old chimney before it needs to be rebuilt. We provide tuck-pointing services that involve grinding out and replacing the old mortar. This is will restore the integrity of the bricks so they last much longer.

Chimney Liners and Downdraft Concerns

Upgrade your chimney with new stainless steel, aluminum, or terracotta chimney liners for your furnace or fireplace. We also address downdraft concerns with solutions that range from simply cracking a window for newer houses to increasing the actual height of your chimney. If you have a downdraft problem, ask for a consultation about possible solutions.